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Post Academic Stress Disorder

Hoping to overcome the everyday pettiness of academic life, young professor Andy Friedman entertains megalomaniac ideas of success. Perhaps he will become a charismatic figure like President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, leading the anti-imperialist charge against Washington and George Bush. Or, failing that, Andy might simply settle for a greater sense of purpose and a settled community as he moves back to Manhattan from graduate school.


Will the larger than life characters in Andy's life, including a dynamic therapist named Bob --- who bears an uncanny resemblance to Wolf Blitzer --- and an off the wall Tibetan lama named Norbu, foot the bill? Will Andy gain solace from Ninotchka, a snowy white and irrepressible canine companion descended from the sturdiest Arctic stock? Friedman's going to need all the help he can get as his classroom becomes increasingly chaotic and his adventures within the various subcultures of the East Village get more and more surreal.


The New York Times writes, Post Academic Stress Disorder is a "wry novel about the anarchists, spiritualists, health nuts, pet lovers, and pie-throwers of the East Village." To read the full interview in the New York Times, click here.


Midwest Book Review writes, 'Academics only lead people to even more questions. "Post-Academic Stress Disorder" is a humorous twist of new professor Andy Friedman who ponders what is to be done with his new education and influence, only to find that the world around him lead him to doubt every choice he could make. "Post-Academic Stress Disorder" reflects on the lack of purpose that many people feel as they move on from their educational careers.'


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