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Yalta European Strategy Meeting: Lurking Uncertainty in the Midst of “Next Generation of Everything”

To see an abbreviated version of this article up at the Kennan Institute, click here.


To see a longer version up on my photo web site, click here.

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Ukraine: A Photo Essay

I just returned from yet another epic trip to Ukraine and here's my new photo essay.




For "Ukraine: Welcome to Air-Brushed Civil War," click here.


For "Reflections On The War With Russia," click here.


For "Yalta European Strategy: From Bono to Pinchuk to Zakaria to Spaceships," click here.


For "From Hipsters to Feminists to Reformers to Artists and Radicals: Welcome to Kyiv's Youthful Maidan Generation," click here (updated from an earlier article).


For "Ukrainian Identity: Welcome to Zoloti Vorota and Medieval Motifs," click here (updated with more photos).


For "Kyiv's Murals: Sorting Through Historical and Political Identity," click here (updated).


For "The Evolution of Maidan Square," click here (updated).


For "Ukraine, Art Nouveau and the Debate Over 'Westernization,'" click here (updated).


For "Traditional Russian and Ukrainian Life," click here (updated).


For "A History of Vandalism: Welcome to Ukraine's Historic Holocaust Site," click here (updated with new photos at the end).


For "Orthodox Church Shakeup in Ukraine: A Photo Essay From Kyiv to Chernihiv to Ivan Mazepa," click here.


For "Maidan Year Three: Welcome to Ukraine's Revolutionary Cafe," click here (updated).




For "Uzhgorod: Welcome to Moorish-Style Synagogue," click here.


For "Uzhgorod: Welcome to Old Ungvar, Hungarian Fort and Subterranean Dungeon," click here.


For "Uzhgorod: Welcome to Rusyns, Hutsuls and the Ethnographic Museum," click here.


For "Offbeat Uzhgorod: From Maria Theresa to Czechoslovakia to Transcarpathian Independence," click here.




For "Lviv: Welcome to Thorny Nationalist Politics," click here.


For "Voyage to Lviv: Echoes of Central Europe," click here.

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